Statement of Commitment minuted 23rd May 2001

    We are committed to building a future for Cawsand Congregational Church based on traditional community values, which welcome equal opportunity and mutual encouragement for sharing belief in Christianity through our worship and work.   

    Jill's letter

    Jill's Letter


    War touches and changes all who live through it, whether they fight or make a different contribution to the war effort.   A recent TV series has been showing the effect of the second world war on farming communities and I was amazed to learn how big a part children of all ages played in helping with harvest and even gathering herbs for pharmaceutical companies when supplies could not be brought in from abroad, all whilst living in makeshift camps to be 'on-site'.   Everyone was expected to play their part.





    As we mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war we still regularly hear of wars and civil unrest in so many parts of the world.   Humankind never learns from history;  we are still not prepared to 'beat our swords into ploughshares'.   On Remembrance Sunday may we all, whilst remembering past conflicts, pray earnestly for a peaceful future for this troubled world.