Statement of Commitment minuted 23rd May 2001

    We are committed to building a future for Cawsand Congregational Church based on traditional community values, which welcome equal opportunity and mutual encouragement for sharing belief in Christianity through our worship and work.   

    Jill's letter

    Jill's Letter

    At the start of a new year we all make resolutions - which we probably break within the week!   But recycling has to be a priority for us all. Are you aware that there is a website - www.terracycle.co.uk - which will tell you everything you need to know about local recycling.  D.S. Smith, (the old Poron factory), will accept polystyrene into a bin on the left inside the main gate but it must be clean.   But let's not forget other needs   Our local Food Bank reports that, before the end of 2019, Rame recipients of food from them had doubled over the previous year;  donations from those needing hygiene products - soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels etc., etc are still urgently needed.   These can also be deposited at the Shekinah Mission and supermarkets which have collecting bins.


    Let's all do as much as we can to make this new year better for those most in need.


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    Every Tuesday 10am - 12am
    Coffee and Tea at Congregational Church Hall.

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    Austrian Friends

    It was Party Time at Coffee Shop.Our Austrian friends put up the Christmas tree and the crib and made a selection of biscuits.Each of us had a party bag of more biscuits to take home!

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    A Baby Shower in Church 01/12/2019