Statement of Commitment minuted 23rd May 2001

    We are committed to building a future for Cawsand Congregational Church based on traditional community values, which welcome equal opportunity and mutual encouragement for sharing belief in Christianity through our worship and work.   

    Jill's letter

    Jill's Letter


    Christian Aid Week is behind us for another year but we must not forget the all-important question: 'who is my neighbour'?   In Jesus' time it would have been those in immediate proximity to where people lived plus the odd guest or traveller but, today, life is very different.   We are bombarded by media and mail requesting, sometimes demanding, that we give a donation or sign up for a regular direct debit to charities ranging from helping animals, medical research, providing clean water, even saving historic buildings.   We can be left feeling guilty that we can't support them all.   Jesus reminds us of the poor widow who gave almost everything she had to those who had even less than she did.   We are not asked to actually go without the essentials of life but to do and give what we can;  our neighbour now could be thousands of miles away and of a different creed and colour but still a brother or sister to us in he family whose father is God.   And family comes first - even when it consists of the entire population of the earth!


    Jill, Blessing the Black Boat - Cawsand

    All needlework hanging made for us by village sewing circle


    Dedication service for the Fishermens Mission.

    View of the church from the Sea.








    Christmas Service

    Tue, 25/12/2018 - 10:30
    CHRISTMAS DAY Short communion, 10.30am

    An uplifting experience

    Sun, 08/07/2018 - 15:00 to 16:30
    The Callington Gospel Choir.

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    Every Tuesday 10am - 12am
    Coffee and Tea at Congregational Church Hall.

    Latest News

    Induction to the Church as Church Deacon

    After many years of loyal service to the village church, Mrs Westlake was inducted to the role as Church Deacon on the 22nd April 2018. Amidst a large congregation, Mrs Westlake gave a heartfelt speech recalling village life, mentioning friends past and present who have influenced both herself and husband making life in Cawsand such an enjoyable time for many years.

    Church Donations

    Will you help us? Donations to Mrs Doreen Westlake, ‘Kerensa’, Cawsand. PL10 1PQ, Telephone 01752 823996 - and thank you.

    Pentecost 2018

    We are very much looking forward - on the 27th May - to a service we are planning, the subject being the Pentecost and will include a short play. Please don't forget our "Prayer Chain". If you would like a prayer for yourself or anybody that you know,do contact one of our members and we shall be pleased to pray for you,in complete confidence of course. In addition please note it will soon be Christian Aid Week and your contributions and donations will be gratefully received